Let's Get Started

The Ten Minute Web Page

  • Each time you come to your CONTROL PANEL, you’ll be asked to log on with your username and password.  Open your CONTROL PANEL in a new window so that you can keep this window open and follow these instructions. If you would like to print this page before you begin, click on PRINTER FRIENDLY VERSION and print a copy now.
  • The address for your control panel is {website_address} 
  • In the CONTROL PANEL, you can see two menu items on the left hand side.
    • The top item is called SITE MENU and is used for arranging your website pages.
    • The second item is called STANDARD PAGES and lets you easily create all the pages you want. 
  • Before you select STANDARD PAGES, copy the text below.  We’ll use it for our demonstration.

Let me share the great news about my new book, {book_title}.  My name is {first_name} {last_name} and here at my website you’ll find all the news about my title.  I’ve  answered the most frequently asked questions, and I’m including a way for you to contact me with questions.  If you want to be on my update list, please see the contact page and email me with your name and address. 

Writing {book title} has been one of the great adventures of my life.  Now, with the publication date here, I feel privileged to share it with you.  I know you’re going to love it.


{first name}

  • Once you’ve copied the text above, click on STANDARD PAGES.  You’ll see the AUTHOR BIO page listed. To the right of it, please click on EDIT PAGE.
  • What you see is a page editor that looks like your familiar wordprocessor.  We'll replace the first paragraph with the paragraph you just copied.
    • Highlight the lead paragraph on the author page and cut the paragraph using the delete button, or the scissors icon in the editor tools.
    • Put your cursor in the top left corner of the author page.
    • Paste the text using the paste icon in the editor tools, CTRL V, or right click and paste, whichever you're most used to.
    • You've just entered your first content on your web page.
    •  Now go to the bottom of the page and you’ll see a place to select UPDATE PAGE.  Click UPDATE PAGE and you’ve just created your first web page.  Congratulations!  Using American Author is this easy. 
  • To view the web page you just created, click on HOME PAGE.  The web page you see is available to any of the one billion people around the globe who are now using the Internet. 
  • Edit your HOME PAGE as many times as you want. Simply click on EDIT PAGE, make your changes, correction, and additions. When you’re ready, click UPDATE, the click on HOME PAGE to see your changes.  (If your browser doesn’t immediately show your most recent work, refresh your browser to update the window showing your web page.) 
  • Create as many new pages as you want.  Click on HELP CENTER to learn about images, tables, and whenever you have a question about using your website features.