Tips for online sales:

Everything on your site should ultimately guide your readers to this order page.  Thank them for choosing to purchase your book. Once readers get to the purchase point, you need a seamless way to provide the books that your readers order. 

Order and fulfilment options are many, ranging from dealing with a major publishing house to selling books from your home.  Check out www.AMERICANAUTHOR.com if you want help in deciding your best options for fulfilling orders.

The simplest online shopping cart and credit card processing service to use is PayPal. 

  • You may find that you can set this up yourself on your website. Click here for a tutorial to guide you through the PayPal setup process. 
  • Or, for a onetime fee, AMERICANAUTHOR can help you create your online PayPal store.  Once your information is received, technical support will call you to set up your store. 
  • As soon as you register with American Author we can get your store going and you can start selling your books.